Contact centre needs for the 21st century



Darren Sullivan

General Manager

Ultra Communications


“THE main objectives of the contact centre nowadays are to standardise and, where feasible, to centralise their technologies with flexible ownership and payment options.  Call centres now need more advanced technology to enable them to provide better quality of response and therefore exemplary service -- key factors to gaining and retaining business.

Centres are moving to a solution which offers service-based payment, where there are the advantages of cost reductions and the ability to increase seat numbers or add additional facilities for short-term projects.  They also need to be able to react quickly to the changing needs of their business and be able to decrease their technology provision as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Centres are now looking for a technology partner who will help them increase revenue by providing more effective customer interactions, drive the value of each interaction and maximise the potential of every call.  They want to engage with a supplier who truly takes input from their clients to develop products and services and add value to the services offered.”


The future of contact centre technology -- network solutions


Ultra Communications is the leading technology provider of CTI intelligent network contact centre solutions.

Ultra’s solutions offer contact centres complete operational and financial scalability, with more efficiency and flexibility than traditional on-site technologies; and all backed with their unique, comprehensive 24/7/365 UK support service.

Ultra works in partnership with its clients to help them stay competitive, now and in the future marketplace.


Working with a technology partner


Ultra Communications offers all contact centres a low-risk, low-cost approach to growing business using their leading Network Contact Centre Solution.

The ability to manage costs, increase productivity, and receive unlimited support are just three of the key benefits

Ultra offers all this to its clients -- and this is just for openers.

The network nature of Ultra's solution offers real operational benefits and flexibility over CPE and other alternatives:


Scalability  A major benefit is the ability to scale up or down to meet business growth demands, promotional and seasonal campaigns, and deal effectively with call fluctuations.


Risk/reward pricing models This option, together with the flexibility in scaling operations, allows for practical and careful financial planning and management.  It allows contact centres to become dynamic to business demands and become extremely price-competitive in the current market.


24/7/365 UK support for the contact centre  Ultra offers training and an unrivalled support service to help you and your business.  Its solution is backed by a unique support service offering flexible, timely advice as needed; including dedicated dialling support and help desk teams offering you expertise, experience and peace of mind.  The key benefit of this support is that you can concentrate on delivering exceptional end-user experience and focus on the development of your core business service.  The unique and comprehensive support given to Ultra's clients ensures that campaigns are optimised.


No risk  Fully Ofcom and DMA compliant, the Ultra solution has complete disaster recovery and business continuance built in.  Ultra also guarantees performance and reliability through your service level agreement.


Integrated and live in days  With no requirement for specialist equipment -- just an Internet connection through a standard Internet browser and a PSTN line for each agent -- a contact centre can be up and working within days.


Contact centres with existing CPE use Ultra's solution as it is easily integrated with their current systems and functionality.  Indeed, the speed and ease with which integration takes place offers the opportunity for contact centres to start more new campaigns without the time limitation normally associated with their CPE technology.


Value-added proposition  Many contact centres face the additional costs of new functions, upgrades due to regulation, maintenance and for expansion.


Ultra offers its clients many inclusive services:


• Unlimited supervisor / manager's monitoring tools -- these are available in real-time and can be used for even remote workers/sites.

• Voice recording is inclusive to the solutions -- all calls are recorded and recordings stored as part of the service for three months online.

• Regulatory and general upgrades are included within the normal service -- there is no requirement to budget for upgraded versions over the years.

• Ultra support team -- the team are an extension of your contact centre staff, managers and IT team, and their help is unmetered and proactive to help try and maximise your results.


Intelligent solutions to help contact centres grow


Ultra's solutions include:


* Inbound call management and IVR

* Network ACD

* Outbound and call blending

* Compliant, reputable predictive dialler

* Call recording inclusive

* CTI capability

* Scripting package

* Unlimited remote monitoring tools

* Real time MI reporting included


Ultra invites you to try the solutions you want to use at the Ultra offices or at your offices.


Please call 0207 965 0207 to make an appointment.


For more information, request Ultra's fact sheets for key decision-makers in corporate, finance and IT by emailing


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Ultra’s client view:


J. Austin, General Manager, AA


“Ultra’s products and services have freed us of the shackles of technology and allowed us, the AA, to focus on our people and their skills in order to meet the demands of our customers and that of the business.”