Call recording without any equipment


by Richard Piercy

Managing Director

eRecord Ltd


WHAT does eRecord Ltd provide?  To enable a distributed workforce to make or receive recorded calls without the hassle of distributing recording equipment, eRecord Ltd has developed a number of “service-based” call recording products.


How does it work?  For a simple outbound call, an agent calls a freephone number and enters their user ID and passcode.  Once verified, they get a secondary dialling tone and dial the destination number.  The call, of up to 1 hour 40 minutes duration, is recorded and stored as industry standard mp3 or wma files securely available to the caller or their manager via the Internet.  Callers can simply hang up at the end of the call or press the hash key to review the call, record an addendum, email the recording and make another call.

We all know the many reasons for recording calls so eRecord provides the “capital expense free” solution to both in and out of call centre operations where the call needs to be recorded, and probably the only realistic call recording solution for mobile phones!


How do I start making calls?  Setting up a standard “outgoing call” account is free.  Just supply company details by email and an account can be set up the same day (see below). Additional facilities such as incoming call recording may require a set-up charge depending on likely volumes.


What does it cost?  Account holders only pay for what they use.  The total call charge is made up of three parts.  The “Recording Premium” is initially set to 25 pence per minute (ppm).  The “Call In” premium depends on the service number type: Freephone is 7 ppm, Non Geographic Number (NGN) is 0 ppm (the caller pays 7 ppm currently; soon to be changed by Oftel) and Geographic is 4 ppm (the caller is charged as normal for STD calls).  The “Call-Out Premium” depends on the call destination; UK landlines are free, mobile, special services and overseas are at published competitive rates.

A typical 12 minute freephone-service recorded call to a UK landline would cost £4.  Price breaks for volumes per month are attractive and negotiable.  Invoicing is paperless by email supported by a spreadsheet with full call details.


How do I find out more?  Visit  for general information.  To make an enquiry visit and select the top menu, “Contact & Help.   You can also call 08709 505655 and be re-directed (and recorded, ‘cos that’s what we do!) to whoever of us is dealing with enquiries.


Who are eRecord Ltd?  We are a company that specialises in integrating telephony with the Internet.  All of our products are “home grown” in order to avoid exorbitant license fees and keep our prices down.  The eRecord service runs on Windows servers and was written in our own Voice Prover IVR scripting language.  If you want to integrate the Internet with the telephone then we can help.