Regulatory voice recording demands on business     


by Joanne Hatherley

Ultra Communications


MANY companies are now required to record transactions, driven by regulatory or client obligations.  Such companies include finance and banking, telesales and debt collection, although this is increasing daily.

Call recording is essential not only to ensure compliance...

However, many companies are still unable to fulfil this compliance, as traditionally, the cost of on-site telephone call recording equipment has been prohibitive.

Unfortunately, many companies who should comply with FSA, Ofcom or PCI standards fall some way short and the result can be a security breach, temporary or even permanent suspension of their financial licences.  This could either be through lack of knowledge, a shortcoming in their technology and what it can provide or, indeed, the preclusive cost put on the company to change the technology to meet these demands.


Network based call recording has become available in recent years.  However, this option also tends to be expensive with connection charges, rental charges and higher pence per minute (ppm) rates.

There is now a viable alternative.


Ultra Communications provides cost effective network based telephone call recording as an inclusive part of its contact centre products, with the reliability and assurance of one of the UK’s top networks.


Ultra’s complete contact centre service is perfectly suited for these objectives.

The Ultra voice recording solution has been developed by their in-house UK team, as they found that other proprietary solutions were unable to process their required volume of calls and could not offer the in-depth, multiple search facilities required by clients.


Ultra is in a unique position to quickly re-develop their in-house systems to meet both client demand and new regulations and these are generally given to clients as part of their ongoing service.  PCI compliance is one of those changes given to Ultra clients for free.

Ultra’s development gives unique added PCI compliance by removing the agent from any security strategy as they will not hear secure details of the card during the call.

Ultra currently records over three million calls per month for contact centres, with secure access available in real-time and online.  Ultra provides this voice recording service as a maintenance-free, inclusive facility to both its outbound and inbound solutions which are provided as pay-as-you-go, non-capex solutions.


The solutions are able to be shared across sites and allow for virtual contact centre capability without the need for any hardware installation on site.  This means that the voice recording services can be increased and decreased at will and gives complete flexibility to any business.


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