What happens when the ringing stops?


COMPANIES across Europe have been using auto diallers for nearly 20 years and, since this revolution, a wide range of vendors has emerged from the marketplace.  Manufacturers predominantly focus on both the algorithm that drives the dialler, and how their competitors’ algorithms perform in comparison.

Vendors quote ROIs showing that talk-time of 20 minutes per hour with manually dialled calls rises to 48 minutes with a predictive dialler.  Company A claims 42 minutes while its competitor claims 48 minutes — and could potentially add millions to your bottom line.


CallScripter acknowledges that there are many other dialler vendors, offering powerful solutions to making productive telephone calls. However, CallScripter is set apart from the others, as they ask the much-undervalued question: What happens when the ringing stops? What happens when Mrs Smith answers the phone and is presented with an agent on your behalf? 

Customer interaction and, of course, YOUR customers’ experience is paramount to the success of predictive dialling.  It is, after all, the reason that call centres exist.


Whilst dialler vendors debate amongst themselves as to which performs best, the agents in the call centre have to handle these interactions with the lifeblood of every business, the customer.

From our years of working with call centre managers we have deduced that they are primarily concerned to:


Handle calls in a consistent manner, with managers being able to accurately map business processes and rules into “scripts”.  Script is probably a misnomer...we at CallScripter (the name has been with us for a long time!) prefer to use the phrase “agent prompt”.


Reduce call durations by having holistic or historic customer information ready when needed, thanks to a single unified agent front end, which seamlessly integrates into your other IT systems.


Reduce training times, and increase compliance, whilst taking into account the inevitable turnover within call centres, by having the script retain the knowledge — or enable easy access to it — rather than relying on the individual agent’s memory.


Reducing IT costs and application backlog, with the ability for business users to build the scripts as well as manage the outbound campaign itself.  After all, it is the users themselves who best understand these particular processes and how they can be used most effectively.


....and to be able to:


Accurately report on all call centre activities, as one of the most crucial aspects is to select the customer interaction tool that will be the most effective for your business, and integrates with almost any of the diallers with the aforementioned benefits, at the right cost.  CallScripter can ensure that you are providing your clients with the best possible customer experience.


CallScripter is a renowned specialist in the area of customer interaction management, with solutions including best of breed predictive diallers.  There is no reason to limit your options when CallScripter offers complete freedom of choice to our clients, via premise, rental and fully hosted licence models.