Making your outbound activities more productive
by  Aspect


WITH the downturn biting, companies need to squeeze every ounce of benefit from their outbound calling activities ó whether itís calling prospects, collecting debts, or warm calling existing customers.

Itís no wonder that outbound contact centre technology sales are booming as companies search for advanced capabilities to reach their audiences at the right time and make those contacts as profitable as possible.

Aspect offers outbound capabilities as part of a number of Unified Communications (UC) Applications for the Contact Centre, including:


Blended Interaction is a UC application for the contact centre that provides inbound, outbound, self-service and workforce optimisation capabilities.  By eliminating complex integration and providing common management, reporting and administration, Blended Interaction provides greater visibility, control and staffing efficiency in multichannel contact centres to help enhance customer satisfaction and improve business results.


Streamlined Collections is a UC application for the contact centre that automates early stage contact and enables expert agent engagement for a more effective delinquent account targeting strategy that delivers more promises to pay faster, lower servicing costs and write-offs, and improved collections results.  

These applications help companies target operational objectives with specific software capabilities and are supported by the Aspect Unified IP platform product.  Key features of Aspect Unified IP include:

When used together with appropriate UC applications for the contact centre, Aspect Unified IP helps companies maximise revenue opportunities, lower the incidence of data entry errors, enhance security, comply with regulatory requirements, and deliver a wide range of capabilities to empower agents and speed response times,


According to Datamonitorís 2009 report, The Market Share Insight: The Contact Center Universe, Aspect has a 29 per cent share of the global outbound contact centre market.