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More people and a new look for bank's call centre

HSBC is about to start interviewing to recruit 70 more staff for its new look call centre which handles calls from wealthy account holders
Headsets: New models are launched

Three headset companies have brought out new models
New outsourcer uses home-based agents

Using home agents, a new outsourcing company called Live-Agent UK says it can deliver quality service to client customers at a lower cost
Energy company hires more staff as it closes a call centre

Energy group E.ON has begun hiring 500 more staff for its call centres in Nottinghamshire as it closes another in Essex
Big deal brings IP to 30,000 call centre seats

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), which has one of the world's largest call centre operations, has extended its contract with British Telecom for another three years
Most customers (67 per cent) want to speak to a real person when they have a serious or urgent issue, says a new survey
Now open: inside mobile phone company's 15m call centre

Vodafone's new call centre, now occupied by 1,200 staff, has a host of features designed to boost skills and performance and to encourage interaction
Hiring starts as supermarket company takes on the traditional banks

Tesco Bank, the new name for Tesco Personal Finance, has started recruiting the first 500 staff for its call centre on Quorum Business Park, near Newcastle, which is now being fitted out
Now you can know more quickly

Now managers can know when their call centres are about to suffer a drop in service levels
Six senior managers at the big EDF Energy call centre in Doxford, Sunderland, have pledge to lose an average of a stone-and-a-half each by the end of March
News briefs Front cover promotion Tough and lightweight: praise for new headset

New from Clement Clarke Communications, headset specialists for more than 60 years, is the tough and lightweight TC400